Not a Dining Room

We do not have an “official” dining room in our house : a seperate room housing all my fine china and a place we only eat in during special occasions and/or with guests. I am laughing while writing this because no, i certainly don’t have fine china. I thought I would at some point own a set, but I really don’t want it unless it’s a family heirloom.

We have an open concept floor plan that allows for our living room, dining room, and Kitchen to be in one space. With that said, I would like some division to separate the spaces more. We decided that the short wall in our dining area needed to seem more significant and visually distinguished from the other spaces. So, after stalking pinterest for ideas, I fell in love this zig zag tree design which I originally was going to do from floor to ceiling, but my husband thought that adding the board and battan to the bottom half of the wall would help connect to the half way we have in between the dining area and living room space. I love the way it came it out! It actually makes the dining area seem for official and special.

How to achieve this look!